Corporate Events Service

The majority of organisations and companies restrict admission to their premises through the implementation of access control measures; conversely many overlook the importance of this process when hosting corporate events such as conferences and annual general meetings in locations outside of the workplace.

The presence of a competitor’s representative within a corporate event could afford them vital information about your business development and strategic planning, resulting in the destabilisation of your commercial effectiveness in the marketplace and future profitability.

Corporate events have also in recent years become the focus of anarchist protest groups such as those who oppose capitalism, globalisation and animal testing, who view such occasions as publicity platforms by engaging in disruptive actions.

Complete Security Solution

ProForce 1 provides complete security solutions for corporate events worldwide to numerous FTSE, NYSE and NASDAQ listed companies and corporations. We have achieved notable praise from some of the most successful corporations and high profile leaders around the globe in over 50 countries worldwide.

You can be assured of the strictest levels of confidentiality and in conjunction with your event management co-ordinators, security layers will be designed to meet your stringent requirements. Once potential areas of concern have been identified, we will ensure that your event remains sterile from unwanted intrusion whilst still providing the backdrop for your success.