Luxury Yacht Security

Luxury Yachts are expensive and notable assets that attract attention wherever their location. Whilst many people are content to observe and marvel from a distance, there are those with hostile intentions, who, given the opportunity regard such high value vessels as a chance to conduct criminal activity. This may be by use of overt or covert means, decoy tactics or artifice type crime.

Consider for a moment that there are those individuals whose criminal expertise relies on these decoy means to gain access.

So in effect they look the part, they may be well spoken and appear affluent, charming etc. However the sole reason for their attendance on the vessel is to avail themselves of high value items. Cases similar to the aforementioned are on the increase, but are not readily advertised for obvious reasons.

Peace of Mind

Whether you are an owner of such a vessel or a charter customer, you should not overlook the fact that a luxury yacht will act as a magnet for unwanted attention worldwide. Consider that in addition to any generic threat posed there may be a specific threat to an individual or company aboard the vessel. ProForce 1 continues to provide operatives who are fully conversant with the security requirements concerning large Motor Yachts, including specialist underwater search trained personnel.

In addition to providing a physical deterrent to unwanted intruders both in port and at sea, you also have the benefit of having discreet personal security personnel available to accompany you on any excursions on land if required. Our operatives are able to integrate into the crew environment if required, and will provide a level of service and reassurance that will neither hinder nor lessen your enjoyment aboard the vessel.