Residential Security

Over recent years the level of threat to corporate individuals has increased drastically. It is not uncommon for business leaders to be allocated some form of personal protection, for example a Bodyguard, whilst away from their place of business.

When you include the increase in the threat to global businesses and indeed any specific threat(s) pertaining to an individual, the situation becomes even more complex.
To counter this threat many companies employ individuals at their place of work, thereby securing (to some degree) access to their environment. Although it would appear that all matters have been considered, the final, and possibly the most important factor have been omitted. This is an executive’s own residential security and that of any family members including children.
With this in mind the vast majority of persons have some form of technical security measures in force, such as alarms or CCTV. Although these give some peace of mind, CCTV will not deter a disguised or hooded assailant, nor will it stop him from removing any incriminating video footage subsequent to entry.
It has been well documented that the level of crime is on an ever increasing upward spiral, and that the law enforcement community has admitted that it does not have the staffing levels or the capability to deal with matters on a personal basis.
Even the most advanced alarm system can be disabled or tampered with to prevent it from requiring a police response, if indeed one is available at the time of activation.

Level of Service

By far the most effective security is that of Residential Security Teams, or RST, as they are more commonly known. In saying that, it is imperative that should a team be employed for this purpose, they must possess all the required qualities and be trained to the highest standard.
They should be aware of methods used by individuals or groups, who would attempt to gain entry to the premises. They should be trained in the use of cover stories, and how persons would use these to decoy or distract a security operative. People may not be who they would make you believe, and whilst on your premises, they are gathering valuable intelligence on you or your family.

All agents are individually selected depending on the exacting requirements of each individual tasking. Specific language and cultural applications can be catered for. We will not ‘plug the gap’ with personnel who do not meet our exacting levels of service, thereby maintaining our reputation as providers of specialist personnel.

All ProForce 1 operatives are trained extensively in countermeasures such as the following:

Although it is not prudent to discuss operational matters on such an open forum, you can be assured that all operatives will provide an exceptional service, whilst still affording yourself and your family members the privacy and discretion you require.