Professional Witness Service

The professional witness service as the name implies, is a tailor made package for local authorities, councils, housing associations and private landlords. It deals with all aspects of anti-social behavior including that of persons engaging in overt criminal activity. For many years, the lives of the law-abiding community have suffered at the hands of a few individuals intent on causing disruption, fear and intimidation.

The crime of anti social behavior remains a great concern for both the public and indeed the police alike. The level of crime in relation to this matter is currently on the increase. Other methods of conventional tactics have been tried and failed, with the temporary displacement of the offenders being the only result. ProForce 1 is dedicated to professional witness operations and has operated within the strict confines of the judicial system.

Our operatives have been involved in numerous covert operations both in the field of intelligence gathering in high risk areas, evidence gathering to Crown Prosecution standards and the presentation of court evidence at crown court level. Our operatives have been trained by specialist military and police units in methods of observation, observation posts, undercover and covert operations.

Peace of Mind

They have conducted surveillance operations for both the British Royal family, foreign royals, diplomats and government officials. They are well versed in all aspects of covert operational management. These include all aspects of covert photography, surveillance logs, current legislation and the Human Rights Act pertaining to undercover operations.

Furthermore our operatives have been responsible for training members of elite military and police units throughout the world in the execution of covert operations, with over 2000hrs of instructor training alone ProForce 1 will provide a complete package to the requesting authority from the initial insertion of the support team to the final presentation of evidence at court level if required.

The following is by no means an exhaustive list however it does give a brief outline which can be expanded on depending on the task required: