Covert Intervention

Covert intelligence gathering was originally developed by the military and has since been adopted by not only police and government departments but also by high level commercial agencies as a means of evidence gathering for specified tasking.

In its present form, covert intervention is, as the name implies, a system developed in accordance with the clients’ requirements with regard to a specified tasking. It is commonplace in today’s commercial field where a vast amount of financial loss occurs throughout the country each week.

This results in the loss of tens of millions of pounds to the commercial industry. This may take the form of employee theft, information theft, or even the dissemination of valuable information with regard to your own internal security measures, i.e. transport routes, company banking practices and the like.

It is not always a feasible option to confront suspected persons and in fact it can be to the detriment to all concerned should these suspicions be unfounded. Even with suspicion the police are limited in what they can achieve, in particular the level of law enforcement surveillance operatives are vastly overstretched. ProForce 1 have developed a system, which exceeds that of law enforcement agencies without the additional complication of legislation, which would limit law enforcement departments (RIPA).

Government Level Experience

ProForce 1 operatives deployed on such operations have a minimum of 10 ten years verifiable experience at a government level in the field of covert operations, technical and physical surveillance, and geographical reconnaissance, decoy tactics and cover stories. Furthermore all operatives are well versed in evidential matters and are fully conversant in all aspects of court procedure.